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Star expiredrpgs join
Video Games : RPG : Contrary to popular belief, fresh content (2013) : Quality links : Downloads later (no piracy)

Star runestar join
Video Games : RPG : covering everything since 2008 : some downloadables added

Star KOTOR join
for people who like the game star wars knights of the old republic 1 and 2

Star Final0fantasy join
For final fantasy lovers

Star Finalfantasies join
If u like/luv final fantasy games or any other rpgs then feel free 2 join n chat :)

Star Neverwinternight join
pen andpaper roleplaying game

Star DarkAcademy join
The year is 1750 and the place is Darkavia, England in the lannds of Dark Vampire Kingdom a place Ruled by QueenXyna a young vampire Queen. Moderate to advanced roleplaying. Ask to Join! Thanks!

Star geraltofrivia join

Star Dungeons-and-Dragons join
this is for D and D RPGs

Star Swordfighters join
destinye walks into a bright light nd challenges you will u respond


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