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Star expiredrpgs join
Video Games : RPG : Contrary to popular belief, fresh content (2013) : Quality links : Downloads later (no piracy)

Star Finalfantasies join
If u like/luv final fantasy games or any other rpgs then feel free 2 join n chat :)

Star runestar join
Video Games : RPG : covering everything since 2008 : some downloadables added

Star Final0fantasy join
For final fantasy lovers

Star Neverwinternight join
pen andpaper roleplaying game

Star DarkAcademy join
The year is 1750 and the place is Darkavia, England in the lannds of Dark Vampire Kingdom a place Ruled by QueenXyna a young vampire Queen. Moderate to advanced roleplaying. Ask to Join! Thanks!

Star geraltofrivia join

Star Dungeons-and-Dragons join
this is for D and D RPGs

Star Swordfighters join
destinye walks into a bright light nd challenges you will u respond

Star videogamewarz join
All games create you a character fight mario and others



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