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* evilgirl's Groups (Joined):

Star DraconisSociety join
society draconis aux modern vampire/or Order of the Dragon

Star UniverseOfMagik join
This is for all who believe in the occult and wish to expand their knowledge in this area. Today we live in a world of different belief systems. Knowledge is power. I will make this group private soon, im interested in serious genuine members.

Star antichristwillrise join
destroying the christians and all who follow

Star poetry-club join
sharing of poetry

Star HouseOfRose join
Vampires,witches,werewolves,zombies and creatures of the night

True Manson fans ONLY!

Star xNiteSocietyx join
For vampires,goths, witches,warlocks, socerers,druids, satanics to chat about shadow to black magick and evil topics or just chat other topics. Must Be over 18... No s*xual chat...

Star Beyond join
Believe and anything is possible

Star deadworld join
from the depths of deadworld comes me

Star GothPunkChristians join
For all you Gothic Punk Rock Heavy metal Christians out there

Star Satansplayground join
For every ing satanic sicky out there or for people who wants to learn about occultism or posers who just wants to ing get burned please do enter!

Star Redzone join
A group 4 all that believe in the weird&eeri.Open 2 al view's.



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