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* queer's Groups (Joined):

Star Indian-babes join
For all the indian babes

Star GothicUnderworld join
Welcome! Do not ask to join if you aren't going to take part in topics, polls or uploading stuff. This group is created for serious goths, metalheads, tattoo and piercing lovers. Please join!!

Star Supernaturals join
Who believe in ghosts,spirits,demons,angels,vampires,horror stories etc etc can join

Star gaylesbian join
For all gays and lesbians to come,chat and share your views amongst the likes of you.

Star Lonelycorner join
This group is for singles who are tired of being single.join to love and be loved plus get lovely photos and love verses of all kind..why single yourself out there when you can be with someone special in here

Star Chatnmakefriends join
Ev1 needs sm1 2 lean on also bring ur love issues we might b able 2 help you

Star Bi-women join
Chat with other bi women

Star People-wit-lesbians join
Y is it people always judge u b4 they even knw u? c*m av a laugh with us if ur single get ur pics up ms/mr right mite be out there.

Star InterracialMarriage join
, dating, relationship, marriage, single, match, online, lesbian, gay , single matchmaking, Caucasian singles

Star Witchcraft join
Find help you need in the world of witchcraft.. We have been around for thousands of years,even before christianity.Being a witch is a gift,but even to one's that dont belive that this world holds many more marvels than anyone could possibly imagine, all

Star Nairobi join
This is cool joint to meet and exchange ideas. People link up in this group daily. This is reserved for open minded.

Star spiritsanctuary join
topics on all kinds of psychic awareness

Star Truekenyanlesbians join
For lesbians who are tired of acting straight while their hearts scream out their s*xuality.For those of us who seriously want long term relationships and true love.

Star Femmesforstuds join
Lesbian group for femmes and studs!

Star Ozlesbians join
Single and looking

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