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* iilmadme's Groups (Joined):

Star Iwilluploadsomehow join

Star onewayGODSwaychurch join

Star friendsgalore join
for friends and might be friends

Star Temple join
Temples and other things

Star Advice-On-Life join
Wouldnt the best advice on life come from our maker? Advice On Life from the Bible. (see long description)

Star ONELORD join
baptism in JESUS name

Star TruthInTheBible join
So many ppl, and churches have so many different interpretations of the Bible, well in this group we arent going to use our intepretations, we are going to let God intepret it Himself. I challenge u all to set ur teachings aside and open ur Bible and read

Star QandA join
Bible-centered question and answer group for Christians.

Star HelpUnderstanding join
why do we die? why does God allow bad things to happen? (see Long Description)

Are you scared of spiders?

Star ForThoseWhoDoNotKnow join
A music group to spread awareness and knowledge, discourage ignorance and show the huge variety of great music, old and new, from around the world

Star Psnalityart join
Just my art stuff

Star Nothingtosee join

Star Rudejokeclub join
Do not join if easily offended

Star letsshout join
praise JESUS

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