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Star Ready-2-Ride join
xoxox Cute Boys n s*xy Girls who believe that, Music can only Touch our Souls can join this group... No one Hates Music in this World.. So Relax and get Ready 2 Ride... All Music Lovers let us all unite here as a Musical Family of friends... Hurray... :o)
Group for Entertainment and Friendship.... Are u one among us now? Wow Welcome............

Star Rap join
Itz all about rap.u get d latest rap news,album dates,rap beefs etc

Star Lyrical-Gangbang join
For emcees ,poets n rappers 2 express emselves.
Dont b selfish with ur rhymes we aint gon steal it. There gon b a post 4 battle rap.. Enjoy. my Lyrical luniticz

Star Hot-Sixteenz join
Hot 16z, the all around rhyming group. Hiphop Lives Here! Join now
Its all about versatility people. You are welcome to practice your hiphop style: multis, metaphorz, punchlinez etc. Remember, it's just for fun, so beef at your own risks lol

Star MCbattleField join
A Group For Emceez And Femceez To Do Dey Thin
A Place To Battle Emceez and Build A Reputation on Tha Mic!

Star Hiphop4life join
Hiphop discussion, audio etc..
This is 4 all you hiphop fans. Gonna upload tunes very soon

Star Rappers-Syndicate join
Dis da place where mc's n fem c's come together, battle, show off, n just have serious fun
Emcees, femcees, n mainstreem rappers invited to join, battl, drop verses for show, freestyle n do ya ting

Star Tupac-world join
A place 4 2pac fans
2pac fans only! Im guna be puttin some of his ryhmes up very soon. Discussion about his life, lyrics etc..

Star 8mile join
Lose Yourself
hear, say, and chat bout Eminem.

Star Beatbreakers join
Any who iz a break dancer or interested in break dancing is welcome
Bboy a wrd originating frm djs that used to break beats n da peeps dat dance to this beats were knw as break boys aka bboys ( not the retartd bad boy cr*p that floats around amongst society) destroyn the basic fabric of hip hop culture. Hip hop consists of scratching, break dancin, beat boxing, graffiting, and freestyle flows ( rapn, rnb, etc). Thus hip hop is a culture and not a music gendre as knwn by society. REMEMBA BREAKING IS 75 SPEED AND 25 CONTROL. AND POWER IS NOTHN WITHOUT STYLE. NB th...

Star Spityohardest join

Ay whats gud if u like 2 battle freestyle whatevr dis is where u need 2 b sumbdy talkn sht brng em here an handle yo business. Oh 1st comers gota batle me first get thru do what u do evn if u dnt wana batl den jus slide n an spit whatevr dats on da brain

Star Battlemc join
Frestyels battles flows
Any hiphop lover is welcomed for battles frestyles and spit councines lyrics

Star Battles join
MC's only..if u cant Rap,u shut ur Trap n Get stepin..!
Yea MC's n MC's wana beez..c*m up with ya own stuff..we wana C hw creative u r..n dnt swear dnt c*m with blank verses..

Yo this iz 4 my HIP HOP LOVERZ,here we can help each otha find the True meaning of HIP-HOP,we can chat and have fun!if ure a MEMBER TRY GETTING AS MANY HONEYZ 2 JOIN AS POSSIBLE.lol.or Just keep on keepin on with Chattin ta PEEPS aight Njoy! I^l try keepin this as intresting as possible!3MIYLEZ

Star hIphOp4u join

Our very own hiphop 4u wap battlez on pr0. think u got skill? then this iz the place 4u.

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