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* askillz

* askillz

* Groups Owned:

all sp0ken w0rdz artistez,dr0p ur fine p0etry here(4 the luv 0f p0etry)we p0ll,we v0te 4the best

* Groups Joined:

Star Ready-2-Ride join
xoxox Cute Boys n s*xy Girls who believe that, Music can only Touch our Souls can join this group... No one Hates Music in this World.. So Relax and get Ready 2 Ride... All Music Lovers let us all unite here as a Musical Family of friends... Hurray... :o)

Star 100Poets join
Inner>>>... Deeper>>>... INTO THE HEART- open your mind!

Star Lyrical-Gangbang join
For emcees ,poets n rappers 2 express emselves.

Star Hot-Sixteenz join
Hot 16z, the all around rhyming group. Hiphop Lives Here! Join now

Star MCbattleField join
A Group For Emceez And Femceez To Do Dey Thin

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