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* elrayo

* elrayo

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Star Lover join
This group is for singles that want a relationship.
This is for single ppl that want relationships with a lovin partner. Hope u enjoy.

Star allaboutme join
allaboutme and allabout you
ok i wanted a group so everyone would know abotu me. I like pretty things like flowers rainbows and even the rain makes me happy. Im not perfect and im a long shot from it but i do try my hardest. I love my family friends and a boy named kenny whose aka is xrascalx. Plz dont pi*s me off because i can get mean i just dont like to. Well thats all about me now tell me ALLABOUTYOU!!!

Star Beatbreakers join
Any who iz a break dancer or interested in break dancing is welcome
Bboy a wrd originating frm djs that used to break beats n da peeps dat dance to this beats were knw as break boys aka bboys ( not the retartd bad boy cr*p that floats around amongst society) destroyn the basic fabric of hip hop culture. Hip hop consists of scratching, break dancin, beat boxing, graffiting, and freestyle flows ( rapn, rnb, etc). Thus hip hop is a culture and not a music gendre as knwn by society. REMEMBA BREAKING IS 75 SPEED AND 25 CONTROL. AND POWER IS NOTHN WITHOUT STYLE. NB th...

Star Latinos join
Para todos los amigos del mundo de habla hispana
Si queres entretenerte con amigos de habla hispana no dudes en apuntarte!

Star Battlemc join
Frestyels battles flows
Any hiphop lover is welcomed for battles frestyles and spit councines lyrics

Star Freestyle join
Mcees come battle to see who the better lyricist iz

Star CarolMendespix join
My pictures
Hi, im gonna put sum ov my pics here, enjoy!

Star france join
france :)

Star Latinas-y-Latinos join
Just lookin to meet new people
All r welcome especially boricuas

Star France-Zone join

Aa c'est un groupe qu'il est bien !! ;) heh, viendez !

For lovers of oldskool streetsounds electro!

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