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* pokiri20

* pokiri20

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Star Airtel-Users join
Welc*m all Free Airtel Users.

Star Job-hunt join
Are u searching for job?
Then u have come to right group. U can find thousands of jobs from our group. Finding interesting? Then join dis group now and get jobs on tip of ur fingure.

Star airtel-by-gtalk join
This is a technical and Logical group !.*i am rahul sharma a 23 year engineer from punjab* ...enjoy ur stay here.
we can talk abt airtel GPRS in all aspact ....tariff..open wap/web sites!...etc...and we hav to discus about lots of things !...u understand na !....and thiss all for u FREE of cost

all the best game links and discussions
share your links and best games

Star AIRTEL join
Aisi Azadi aur Kahaan

Star Mechanical join
This group is to expose all mechanical engineering students and engineers to have more knowledge about their career and expose them to latest development in technology.
What is automobile today?.What is branches of production in engineering field?.You will get to know more of this in this group.The latest development in petrol and diesel engines.Also,the various strokes and their operation will be known to you.

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