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* yunus4

* yunus4 23 M

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Star 1Heart join
Everything Here BEATS!!! Get Yahoo On Ur Mobile,Lots Of Downloads, GPRS, Free Browsing, And Free Call. Also Meet D2H People. Jst FUN!
Want to meet more people,need a chatmate, textmate, penfriends, soulmate, get interactions, discuss issues and so on. Dont hesitate, its happening here. Also get lots of downloads, yahoo on mobile, free browsing, mobile sites and many more~ Just stay put, u got it.

Star friendship join
people who want to make new friends
this is for people who want to find a new friend or just gain a strong friendship wiv new people

Star TAQWA join
Discussions on important issues concerning our muslim youth currently...
Assalaamualaikum 2all my respected brothers and sisters in islam!This group will focus mainly on the muslim youth,with topics such as,'the influence of internet and chatrooms'...etc...and will also include topics dealing with fiqh and poems...etc

Star Muslim-life-forever join
Salaam brother's & sister's this is a group is to meet other muslims.
Assalaamu alaikum brother's & sister's here you can meet muslims world wide. You can talk about issues that are day to day ask for advice too! Hope that this helps you all! Take care to all allah hafiz! :-)

Star Zakir-Naik join
Dr. Zakir Naik fan club
Doctor Zakir Naik is one of the very few, most learned Islamic scholars who debate with references from books of all religions and logical answers. He knows almost all the major religion's holy books by heart.for more info: www.irf.net

Star TaFseer join
(We wake up in the religion of Islam and with a sincere word(LAA ILAAHA ILL-ALLAH) and on the path of our Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, and in the nation of our Father Ibrahim, A steadfast Muslim, and he was not of the polythe
Laa Ilaaha III-Allah wahdahu la shareeka lahul, lahul-mulku walahul-hamd, wahuwa ala kulli shay'in qadeer.

Star MuslimSINGLES join
Loving ourselves for the sake ALLAH
Meet people around the world and your country for friendship, pen pals, and relationship. But in all Takwa(fear of ALLAH) is highly needed. You may also visit my wap site to meet more. Remember to drop your message

Star FOOTBALL364 join
All about football

Star nigeria-friends join
Come here and meet other nigerians and start a cool friendship with them.
Just a place to make friends

Star Muslim join
Slm every1.
Slm ppl. c*m chat wit. Im a single CPT muslim girl

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