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* twenty7d

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Star PowerOfTheMind join
We have different ways of expressing ourselves ... Some sing some play music in tunes felt rather than hymed and directed in words ... Well some write poetry some cry or curse... Then theres me and you... Would rather write how u feel, interpreting your emotions exactly ... Words letters... Aaaaaaaaaaa could do too. Encryption is a classic 2me -Be my guest... Share your slightest thought or emotion. Which ever way you'd like to

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Star Cornrstreetsociety join
The sanction for poets to express their entity and share their poetry with this artistic little family
Share ur poems, give ur respective perspective on others, and jus bask in ur imagination as u explore this wonderful world

Star Lover join
This group is for singles that want a relationship.
This is for single ppl that want relationships with a lovin partner. Hope u enjoy.

Star Mixit join
Where you can tell people stuff
Chat room

Star player8suptownchat join
evryone needs to join have fun
all that loves games and to chat i want you to join and see wats up spread the word player8

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