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Star Apostolicministries join
Talk this language with me apostolic language
Having as much as we do in a natural in these times may be the most difficult thing 2 overcome in to keep our zeal and devotion 2 the lord. but, those who do r trusted with the greatest authority. they will demonstrate the authority of Jesus, who he is and where he sits, because they will be seated with him. 2 walk in this they must learn what it means 2 buy 4m him golm purified in the fire, and the white garments of purity (revelation 3:14-22) Basically, that is what this group is abt. it is 4 ...

Star Apostolictable join
Peter, Peter,do u love me, yes lord l love u look after my sheep.
U have not yet felj the pain of it the Lord interjected. l uphold the universe with My Word. lt is My Word that enables u to hold this torch. This torch is the light of My presence, and it is also what u call a movement. l Am the Living Truth, and truth wich is living is always moving. ln the beginning the Holy Spirit moved, and He has not stopped moving. Life moves.

* Groups Joined:

We are living in the Endtimes. EVERYONE welcome. Christians and non-christians. We have a variety of topics including Group chat, Word games and a Bible Quiz!. Files to download!!Pics, music, videos and more. Links to variety of sites. Daily Updates!
For questions and answers, everthing one needs to know about the last days, the rapture, the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ and Armageddon.

Star TheLightHouse join
This is a non-denominational and interactive group, open to Christians and non-christians. Come in and help to keep the flame alive by becoming Torchbearers of Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the Light of this world. Let us be lightbearers who shine with Jesus Christ into this dark world.

Star TourSouthAfrica join
A group to learn more about South Africa and the people. Journey along and view this beautiful country. Pictures of beautiful landscapes, learn more of her history and her rich variety of cultures and traditions.

Star ReasonforHope join
The true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is taught and discussed in this group, which welcomes Christians and non-Christians alike. No compromise on the truth. All questions discussed Search and seek out wisdom and the reason of things (Ecclesiastes 7:25)
1 Peter 3:15 'But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to any man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.'

Ps 119:103 How sweet are your words to my taste; sweeter than honey to my mouth! English version of http://HEUNING.wapgroups.com Excellent Afrikaans christian teachings in here!
Exclusive on Prodigits. With full permission from http://www.heuning.co.za. A summary of new day topics presented by Willem Botha on Wednesdays on radio Rippel 90.5 FM. Facebook and Mailmate members please join too.

Star HolyOfHolies join
This group was found for the REMNANT of God,for those who say LORD purify my spirit and my soul,for those who are called of God to minister his heart and mind in wapland.for those who would rather spend time home with God rather than being at the mall

Star MOM join
Ths group s all abt reachng out 2 many souls.hey do u want 2 b wise?join me in winning soul 4 God.the Bible says he wo winnings souls s wise.b wse by winning souls.wn u join share wth me yo experiences in Christ Jesus.God bless u.
N ths group s abt Gods heart n happeness.the desire of God s 2 c manknd bn saved.Mtt28v19,2O.so ppl let us b awake.Eph5v14.

Welcome to HEALINGSTREAMS! the Believers' WAP group that will restore your thirsty soul through prophetic messages and prayers.
Healingstreams is the best Christian WAP group you should belong. Our aim is to see that every member is cared for and well furnished with God's word. Our objective is to furnish members and public with prophetic messages for the purpose of meeting every need and fulfilling destinies. Psalm107:20 will be fulfilled. Ezek.47 will be fulfilled and all will receive satisfying Healing streams of God's word. We will take one another's burdens as top priority. This is not only a WORD group, but a PRAYE...

Star Grace join
Hi friends, its been a minet since we posted topics, thanks you for joining this group.I appreciate you. I pray Psalm 112 over u . (sivenati@gmail.com) (follow@smsurbowy on twitter and fb). I love u so much.
We preach the Word of Faith, We teach the Word. From Faith to Faith

Everybody is born with a purpose, you may discover your own here, or help others discover themselves. There is more behind the death of JESUS on the cross than what we experience here and now.

Star ADVENT-ARK join
In the ARK we are safely sheltered from the storm. YAHSHUA is the captain and with YAHSHUA in the vessel we can smile at the storm.
This group is about CARING, SHARING and LOVING ~ *Casting ALL your CARE upon HIM, for HE CARES for you. ~ 1Peter 5:7 *While, through the proof of this ministry, they honor YAHWEH for the obedience of your confession to the glad tidings of YAHSHUA, and for your liberal SHARING with them and all men. ~ 2Corinthians 9:13 *This is MY commandment, that you LOVE one another as I have LOVED you. ~ John 15:12. Do u have a burning desire 2 spread the glad tidings and love ur neighbour as urself? R u humb...

Star Tithingtime join
malachi 3:10
Being a prisoner who had be living under D wings of God's protection in D valley of death for D past 8yrs, I made it my obligation to please D God of glory in all His commands. In regard to my obligation, being prisoner having nothing to tithe into D house of God, i decide to tithe 10 % every 24hrs into D house of God by exploring & proclaming D gospel trough this forum, that D God of glory may be glorified in my chain. May u be bless as you stop here day by day to refresh your spirit wit...

Star onewayGODSwaychurch join
gonna have church testify prayer request song and most important GODS word

Star ONELORD join
baptism in JESUS name
where apostolic,jesus name,and oneness pentecostals can fellowship along with others who wants to fellowship

In The Name Of The Father,The Son And The Holy Spirit! Both Full Members Of And Those Who Would Like To Join And Know More About Our Church Are Most Welcome!

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