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* qahhanah

* qahhanah 18 M

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Star Need-a-FRIEND join
Those who are looking for new good friends, come here!
Here you can find friends of different nature and of different interests. Just join us and make the world small by long friendships! YOU can find FRIENDS everywhere, but TRUE FRIENDSHIP is very RARE! Regards:- DHILLON

Star RealProfessionals join
Educative, inspirational, motivational, academical, scientific, administrative, financial, social, logical & philosophical.
A group whose sole aim is to bring young but matured-hearted youth from all over the world together to share, teach, advice, invite, expound, impart, reveal & research.This non-racial, accomodating, strict & trendy group is direct, non skeptical & zealous of good young blunt & real professionals who are very professional in there dealings.Real Professionals centers around all field of works, ranging from science, religion, engineering, administration, marketing, space technology,...

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