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* hanxwife

* hanxwife 34 F

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Star Make-Love-Last-4eva join
Learn how 2 make every relationship last ever
This group was inspired when I realized how many broken families there are in this world and the divorce rate so here I am sharing my experience as a woman who came from a broken home and had alot of broken hearts by men and woman alike friendships family and romance

* Groups Joined:

Star Rekindlingtheflame join
Learn ways to spice up your life keep him or her happy
this group is designed for the mature adults to learn and help others rekindle the flame in their love life we will post many topics take suggestions and review any questions

Star Poetry-4-lovers join
A group for talent and a chance to win in my contest the poetry sight ever from a poet who already was published
This a group for lovers to express themselves with a poem or a song show your love and talent and who knows you could win in our next contest

Star WomenOfWorth join
Sisters helping Sisters all across the globe with the pressing issues of Todays society so come on Ladies get it together
This group orginated in Buffalo New York for women in August 2007 but it was only 4 Americans. I wanted 2 share it with every woman across the globe cuz we all need somebody and we all have pain and we all need unity

Star Helper join
Helper frm all over d world ,founding solution to all kind of problem was so ever it may b

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