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* Reza_div

* Reza_div

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Star LOVERZ join
(*-*) If u r in love or If u want to get True Love then join this group and find ur soulmate.. Congrats..

Star Turkiye join
.. ChaTLaKLaR KaMpI...
HaDi baKaLiM ChaTLeSeLiM TaNiSaLiM KayNaSaLiM =) . . . HeR SeY VaTaN iCiN VaLLaH :). .

Star Russia join
Privet! Here u can join a Russian group n talk with Russian boys/girls and make match or if youre scientific type of person u can find out newest infos bout Russia! Welcome!
Privet! Here's a group where all citizens of Russia and its ex countries can join their own group and discute about music,films,computers,science,astrology,travelling...And share their experiences and new things! Or non-Russians can find their bf/gf if they preffer Russian! Didnt u know that Russian in the world?

Star My-IRAN join
hamvatanaye aziz mitoonin ba ozviat too in gorooh dore ham oghate khoshio begzaroonin

Star IRAN join
You hear about Iran in news everyday. But is that the whole truth?
Iran (formerly called Persia) is located in Middle East. Iran's neighbouring countries are : Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey.[br] Iranians speak Persian(Farsi)[br] Iran was ruled by Shah(King) until a revolution took place in 1979. It was meant to be a step forward but cunning Mullahs (Islamic Leaders) turned it to an Islamic movement that led to an Islamic Republic and took Iran back to Middle ages! Mullahs have killed 1000s (and are still killing), mos...

Star america join
usa :)

Star Single join
Sweet, single an s*xy
Im a strong minded blk lady that dont want a married, attached, freak or lien man. I date only guys that r men, 44-50. Thats my type an thats for real. Deal with it or go away.

Star Turkey join
X Pats Liveing in Turkey
Any1 Lo0kin 2 Make Friends in Turkey?

Star friendship-zone join
make friends meet and u wont let go
meet pple of ur choice and make friends or much more let of take u through the journey of the friendship zone

Star WorldFriendsCentre join
join with us. if we have friends around the world we can handle everything we need
if we have friends around the world we can handle each and everything that our group need.

Star Countriestalks join
Ask,say,talk about your and other countries
This group was created for people who wants to share info about their countries or to know about other countries.Please just ask and it will be aswered.

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