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Star noises join
:: 100 percent FREE :: The freshest Tones & tracks in mp3 and other formats - Full MP3 tracks - NEW files daily - Requests taken - Over 2500 audio files NEW latest films & tv series,* join TODAY! * with 16,000+ members.
Come join the s*xiest loudest group in the world, are you looking for glorious ringtones and full length mp3s & albums??? could you do with a few of the latest MP4 films to download onto your iphone or android? or maybe you just want to pimp your phone/laptop up with some cool apps, themes & wallpapers. Well if you answer yes to all those then i think you just found digital heaven. / Not only can you download any item for FREE you can also add your own material in the files section, read...

Star Cornrstreetsociety join
The sanction for poets to express their entity and share their poetry with this artistic little family
Share ur poems, give ur respective perspective on others, and jus bask in ur imagination as u explore this wonderful world

Star Lover join
This group is for singles that want a relationship.
This is for single ppl that want relationships with a lovin partner. Hope u enjoy.

Star Ready-2-Ride join
xoxox Cute Boys n s*xy Girls who believe that, Music can only Touch our Souls can join this group... No one Hates Music in this World.. So Relax and get Ready 2 Ride... All Music Lovers let us all unite here as a Musical Family of friends... Hurray... :o)
Group for Entertainment and Friendship.... Are u one among us now? Wow Welcome............

Star 100Poets join
Inner>>>... Deeper>>>... INTO THE HEART- open your mind!
Poetry is a language (call it 'n Taal, a Lingo, or whatever) spoken by the heart that belongs to an open mind and understood by the poets...*we poets*

Star Kenyanluv join
Kenyan boy Kenyan gal. Stricly age 20 & over. Lets join hands 4 fun, luv,....mension them...hot guyz & dollz...open 4 u.......welcome all!
Come on if u r looking 4 luv & affection this z d right direction...mamanziz & chali wa KENYA manze. Karibuni sana hukuni ku hott...

Star Lyrical-Gangbang join
For emcees ,poets n rappers 2 express emselves.
Dont b selfish with ur rhymes we aint gon steal it. There gon b a post 4 battle rap.. Enjoy. my Lyrical luniticz

Star GirlzndGuyz join
changing onlyn frnds to intimate frnds.
if u want 2 hav an intimate frnd, dis is the group dat can provide them for u, coz there are more,many, nd much more waiting for u.

Star 8mile join
Lose Yourself
hear, say, and chat bout Eminem.

Star BlAz3-Battl3z join
A site blaze battlez where we'll give the crown 2 the dopest emcee.So if u a kat,c*m on! .If u a fan,we need judgement.hala.3NJOY!!
3MC33z will go head 2 heard proving their ability on playing wit words,justice of murdering kats and get no sentance.And lastly don't be.....

Star Nairo join
For real hiphop heads who believe in the power of hiphop.Nairobi wsup.
Representing hiphop in Kenya.No matter ur hood represent fully coz believe me its power of hiphop,4rom Dandoch 2 Queensbridge.

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