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* domy

* domy 33 M

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Star love-hurt join
living life we want after.
f uv been heart broken bfo u got clue wat mean.bt dat snt t end of t al.we kan stl lv as f nutn hapend..do agrees wt me?

* Groups Joined:

Star FaLLeN-RoSeS join
Attention KINGS n QUEENS.. (,''('',) This Lonely Beautiful Garden of FALLEN ROSES welcumz U by Sprinkling Cute Rose PeTalz on U- Join this Magical World of 4900+Friendz/ 9400+FREE Files/ 1700+topicz n so on! GROUP UPDATED regularly. Enjoy wid Frndz here:)
~*Group Updated Every Hour*~ ....Unlimited Files are available for Downloading.... ~All types of Topicz are discussed here.....~.*~JOIN NOW n ROCK d GROUP~*. Cheerzzzzz....

Ssssshhhhhhh..... STRICTLY those who dont like Love, Romance, Fun, Love-making, (+18) - NEED NOT Join this group.......... DECENT LOVE GROUP FOR DISCUSSING ABT ROMANCE n LOVE-MAKING...... JUST JOIN TO KNOW MORE HEAVENLY THINGS ABT TRUE LOVE :)
c*m on Friendss.. Its a group you can share ur Feelingz of Love, Tears, Poems, Quotes etc etc in a vry Decent way!!! **GROUP IS UPDATED DAILY**..... MmMmMwAhh....

Star Single-and-searching join
Meet the right one today
This group is created to enable all singles and 2 give them d opportunity 2 meet the right person or choice that they have been searching for

Star E-AFRICANS2 join
CoMe GeT a PoSiTiOn In ThE EA fUn JoInt CluB...HoT cHiCkX n DuDeZ oN pOiNt...itS mOrE dAn SwAgGeR...sOo fAnTaBuLoUs N fAbUlAsTiC...kRaZiE!!@aLl____N iF u DoN WaNnA jOiN 'unajifanya migingo ung'ang'aniwe na nani?'...No OlD gRaNdS!!!! aLsO a GuD NuMbEr Of m
U can also join even if u r not E.african as long as u exist on earth...we help people 2 get owt there boredom n leave u as a stressfree person.and b4 i 4get theres ringtones wallpapers and mp3s 4 u 2 download and pimp yo fone.yo welcum.thank u

Star Adult25to35 join
25 to 35 only
Members found outside the age group will be banned.

Star ShanizNiteLoveChat join
Makin new friends in real time
Thankyou for joining this group...If you haven't do it coz we are bringing you hot debates and much more fun.contests.again thank you for ur continued support

Star PhenntyBreezy join
My photoz
I myt b bad bt m perfectly gud at it so if u don lyk it,teq a gun put it to ur head n blow ur brainz out.

Star Alludwanaknw join
Ax n b ansad
U get 2 ask rltnshp or romance que n get ansas 2 al of them

Star Akairetu join
knw one's self
purpose is 2 enjoy life to the fullest.get 2 knw who u r,cn do,goals n vision.every1 cn make it,i knw i cn,then u cn 2

Star justonlyunme join
trust,love n care

Star DOVESS join
Welcomes 18+ of all s*xes
Any single,devorced,married or separated is welcomed and is free to search or mingle with the other

Star Pacifiers join
Its all abt ur views
Share wot u av

Star Bisxualfun join
Her fun lies with both
Apart from being a lesbian, explore and find out what more benefits u'll get just for being a bis*xual. After all life will not be boring with this gal in ur life and this guy by ur side...

Star Ogumajose join

Star Lvy join
we learn to love we dont love naturaly
love is our final destination

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