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* jazmine2

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Star KozyKorner join
A place to pull up a chair. Have a cup of your favorite. Share your favorite recipes. Love food and cooking this is the place to find that special recipe you have been looking for. Scr*pbooking and Beadwork tips and links here.
Come on in; kick your shoes off, sit a spell. Have a cuppa. Place to post your favorite recipes. Need a recipe? Just ask. Also any tips on homemaking are welcome. Let's have a good time, get to know one another. Let's also be crafty and artistic!. Scr*pbooking & Beadwork tips & links here!

Star Friendshipworldwide join
Lots of friends from all over the world.
Lots of friends from all over the world. This is people with lots of diffrent back grounds & cultures. Please respect others & others will respect you. Thank u all from angel! ;-) p.s thanks to my bhai for always being there for me your the best my bhai! :-)

Star Creative-corner join
All about displying your creative talents
U cn post ,poetry,short stories,jokes,quotes jus express urselves guyz. U have joined the most pumped up groups.

Star ArtsandCrafts join
4 ppl who luv arts n crafts
Luv arts n crafts? Then u come 2 da rite place! This is the place where u talk about arts and crafts, get tips, and have fun! Its not just for girls either,guys!

Star Foot-steps join
A group where any thing creative goes.
Let ur creativity flow. It cn be any thing from song writin to poems its up 2u creativity is a gift use it to your greatest ability

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