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* nickaang

* nickaang

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Star Hezbullah join
Join us in the Struggle of His (a.t.f.s) return.
O You who believe! Fear Almighty and say that which is correct, so that He may make your deeds pure and forgive your sins. Whoever obeys Almighty and His Prophet has surely succeeded (Holy Quran 33:71)

* Groups Joined:

Star Airtel-Users join
Welc*m all Free Airtel Users.

Star airtel-by-gtalk join
This is a technical and Logical group !.*i am rahul sharma a 23 year engineer from punjab* ...enjoy ur stay here.
we can talk abt airtel GPRS in all aspact ....tariff..open wap/web sites!...etc...and we hav to discus about lots of things !...u understand na !....and thiss all for u FREE of cost

This is a group where we would share tricks used in airtel and even other network. All types of hacker can also join it

Star bMobile join
Cable and Wireless Gprs, mms and system settings found here
Add a setting of your own or request settings

software hi software
Get free software via MMS. I aim to please. Have a nice day

Star DSP join
Free SMS

Star Beirut join
We will fight jew to the end of our life

Who we REALLY are.
Letting GODS people know who they REALLY are. They are not christians, but JEWS. GOD only has one people. You are ether gentile, (heathen) or JEW, (chosen). Christianity has forsaken GODS ways, HIS feasts and festivals and have brought in d*mnable fables such as christmas and easter. They even changed the TRUE, SACRED, HOLY, FATHERS given NAME of our MESSIAH YAHSHUA, and have gentiled it with jesus. Look closely at acts 26:14. YAHSHUA spoke to Saul in Hebrew, not greek. Saul spoke in both langu...

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