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* dmitriy

* dmitriy

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Star Prodigits join
Prodigits members, discuss about Prodigits here
Suggest a new feature, report problems, announce new relationships you've made through Prodigits :)

Star FEATmagazine join
~*CHECK OUT WHATS INSIDE!*~Topics Inc, Entertainment News and Celeb Gossip, Plus Over 1,250 downloads also available. 450+ members! The number one group in Entertainment
FEATmagazine CONTENTS: ~Topics Include ~ Entertainment News ~ Celebrity Gossip ~ Soaps Plots ~ Film News And Reviews ~ Plus Over 1,200 Downloads ~ Including ~ Girly Stuff ~ Betty Boop ~ Pooh Bear ~ Mr Men And Little Miss ~ Hot Babes ~ Hot Cars ~ Wallpapers ~ Screensavers ~ And Loads Loads More ~ Members Can Add Their Own Topics On Entertainment, Polls And Share Uploads ~ Join Now!

Star funpix join
:::OI YOU LOOK HERE::: over *600* totally free gif animations & funny jpegs, stock items too for web designers over 2500 members - join today -
This group is dedicated to images and animations of the weird and wonderful kind with regular images of everything on the planet (and some off world ones to). in the group there are hundreds of original animations made by our members & other items taken off the net, stock animations for profiles and website design such as xmas themes etc and other cool gifs. --- Part of the Oggtronix network --- Keywords: Anime sci-fi cliparts graphics cartoons sports rock spongebob urban manga screensavers ...

Star ArtPix join
Group where you can download pix. Most of them are related to art n abstraction (also horror, brands, fantasy etc.) only the best pix from their categories*2000 files* +uploaded SE games*176x220 size* don't have to be a member to download this stuff
Like i said u dont have to be a member just bookmark it if u wanna. I dont 'collect members' as some other crazy groups owners do,i just have plenty of things so i gave it a try to upload what i have got

Star Manchester-United join
All 4 da Red Devil fans...
Updates! Stats, Transfers, Fixtures, Results and l0ts more...

Star Meispix join
PixOfMeee *upload urs if u wana*

Star Hotland2 join
For gs and s**t
Me been taken bye s*xy mam

Star Java-games join
all latest java
all latest java

Star Dilinas join
x x x Hi welcome dilinas group. mp3's , vids, pics x x x pics -vids an all x or normal pics, vids ,mp3 s in this group. o.k get up this. . . . . . . .
JUST Download it

Star mAyetrUelove join
_+wat is trUe love nd h0w do u kn0w wen have found it?,f dErs s0 much love and faithfulnes reAl love doEsnt long 4 p0wer, its d0esnt wnt hUrt, doesnt wnt pUnish 4 mistakes, its self sAcrificng and reAd 2 4gve other agAin..
_+trUe luv is when pArtnes c0mplte one an0ther,wen thy're 2gether its pEacefuly da whole other world w/ its sufering nd problem d0esnt exist and n0thng evn mater,.f u really love sUm1 u maye sAy ''i belong u'' but always be reAdy to let go f it makes the pers0n u love hAppy+_

Star new-generation join
for peoples from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine
uniting peoples from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine

Star DinamoKyiv join
Ukrainian footboll
Dinamo kyiv and other Ukrainian team. Ukrainian CEMPIONSHIP!

Star collegelife join
we talk about our life in university...
if u r a college student u can join in the group an talk about ur life...welcome

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