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Star SIKHISM join
Why do Sikhs wear turbans?
The turban is our Guru's gift to us. It is how we crown ourselves as the Singhs and Kaurs who sit on the throne of commitment to our own higher consciousness. For men and women alike, this projective identity conveys royalty, grace, and uniqueness. It is a signal to others that we live in the image of Infinity and are dedicated to serving all. The turban doesn't represent anything except complete commitment. When you choose to stand out by tying your turban, you stand fearlessly as one single pe...

Star Caribbean-mix join
The best place to rally with us the west indian people in all of our styles and fashion enjoy.
Hey people welcome to the real caribbean group on Wap. Here you can meet and experience the various cultures and style possess by we the west indian people. Here you can find pics, links etc. Enjoy

Star HighlyContagious join
Fashion Label
This is a space where u can find out info about my fashion label.(prices,style,trends,colours.etc...).Virus is the name of the label,which is a brain child of Mawande Kweyi.The designer is originally from East London in a small township called eMbekweni, on the outskirts of Mdantsane(the second largest township in SA). It waz establised in 2005 @ the age of 21 hence the number 21 is a representative of the label on some garments.I design 4 the young at heart especially iiteenagerz and 20somethin...

Star iLovefashion join
4 ppl who simply love fashion...come in

Star The-ladies-advocate join
Have you ever been in love?If you have and you're getting heart breaks or you're searching for true love,dont just hesitate to make me your advocate.
This site would change your old fashion way of loving.A good affair makes one life worth living.Dont let your past ruin you but just use it as a guide.I'll tell you how i fell in love and all the charisma that i thought would keep me forever.True love is worth while.My advice to you is that you must not jump into another relationship so fast when one collapses.Do sign my guess book and always be tuned with The ladies advocate.

Star TheGirlTalk join
hey girls! let's talk about everything or simply share ideas from fashion, love, girl problem.. anything! by the way i did not created this group just for girls but also for those guys who wants to know whats on their girlfriend's mind
hi! (welcome) i'm AngelGie.. and I did not create this group only for girls but also for the guys who wants to know whats inside their girlfriends mind aswell.. Let's talk about love, relationship, fashion or whatever on your mind girl!

Star Fashionistaz join
For all the luvers of Fashion, glamour and beauty.From a South African fashionista im inviting u to join in this so hot group for mo info check in the long discription
I've started this group for all the fashionistaz out there.Basically this group is for everyone who loves fashion,make up and the latest trends.This space is open to creative thinking,designers and fashion gurus.Tips on the hottest things to put on be it itz clothes,make up,accesories are most welcome. So anyone interested in joining this HOT HIP group you're welcome to join in.

Star Fashion1 join

Star fashionshow join
join to make ur drm cme tru..fashion lovers..com on u cn bcme one
all thoz who wish ter knw wat z apenin in otha countries..otherz culture..n o thoz who lov fashionz n wna b supa models..l thk ts tym u learnt somthg abt either..n fnd out more abt the above..evryone z welcme n feel free..lol n xoxo.peace


Star israeli-ladies join
fashion in israel
How Does The Fashion In Your Culture Compare To The Fashion In Israeli Culture

Star bathingApes join
streetwear, bapes, LRG,evisu, nike, rebel8,upperplayground,OBEY, billionaire boys club, skate gear
for fans of urban streetwear, and high fashion

Star mex join
Exclusive FASHION WEAR Supplier
A leading Franchise American Authentic FashionWear Supplier, Designing and Processing Industry

Star Worldcouture join
World class fashion at a glance of your eyes
About our fashion style from our cultures and personalities

Star SHARZ-99 join
SHARZ-99 is my nick nym n now is my clthing brand cmpany nym im a fashion disgner ,i specialise witman n womans clths
I specialise wit disgner cloths, sch as afrcn n italian bridal,suits,str3t wear,chrch gouns,sport kits n unifomsetc

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