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* dodo2

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Star UrdUMaG join
LiFE iz so borINg ....
.-***WelComE***-.2 *URDU*English*Wap-Group-Community*The Best Place*4-U-2-*Interact*&*Share***~-. Poetry*Text Games*Lyrics*G-Knowledge*Urdu*Englis**topic's*Cool Animation's & Pix's*PC&Mobile Downloads& Much More*Join Us @ www.millatfacebook.com/group/urdu-mag-pk/

Star Jeddahcityofart join
ths group is 4 ppl 4m jeddah and all who r intersted in this w0nderful city
jeddah.who doesn know this beautiful city in the west cost of saudi arabia..this city is the bride of red sea ..i created this groub 4 all jeddah ppl and all the ppl who r intersting in this city..we can show ditales and informati0ns ab0ut this city..chat and get 2 kn0w eatch other:-) so jeddah ppl can be in touch with eatch others

Star Groupelbnotat join

Star Groupelmara7 join
Emmm any body who like playing wether in play station or other games can join me n gives us any opinion or idea that can helps us / with my full thanx to every one who supported me (n_n)

Star catsvillerez join

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