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* aliduke

* aliduke

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Star AllahuAkbar join
Glory to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala
Islam is best gift 4 all mankind!! Join us& unite our ummah!!

Star MuslimCommunity join

Star Precious join

Star TAQWA join
Discussions on important issues concerning our muslim youth currently...
Assalaamualaikum 2all my respected brothers and sisters in islam!This group will focus mainly on the muslim youth,with topics such as,'the influence of internet and chatrooms'...etc...and will also include topics dealing with fiqh and poems...etc

Star Muslim-life-forever join
Salaam brother's & sister's this is a group is to meet other muslims.
Assalaamu alaikum brother's & sister's here you can meet muslims world wide. You can talk about issues that are day to day ask for advice too! Hope that this helps you all! Take care to all allah hafiz! :-)

Star conflictingislam join
Uniting the Muslim Ummah
This group is a general islamic group which main aim is 2 unite Islam. Here u can discuss and understand the different beliefs of islam and to help each other out with problems we have regarding our faith. Please feel free to add your own topics and views and take advantage of the downloads available. Shukran

Star Islam join
United we shal stand
Slm 2al the muslim may gods peace and blessing be apon u.

Star Islam-A-way-of-life join
Basically to educate,learn, teach n help each other choose and live a life of submission to the Almighty Allah (God)
Islam simply means peace and submission!! It simple teaches the oneness of God and His independancy!! This group is aimed at teaching learning and propergating islam! Where veiws nd questions r shared join n make it big in d world n hearafter!

Star Nafsu join
Salam,peace 2 all muslim brothers and sisters.This group is opened 2 help us know more about islam and get 2 communicate wit each other around d world.Lets join hands 2 enlighten pple about islam.ma salam.
This group is created to inform people about islam and where we can exchange Quranic verses which have inspired us to a greater devotion. We can also make new islamic friends. It will enhance your islamic religious knowledge and culture if you join. ma salam.

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