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* bbygrl

* bbygrl 26 F

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Star Jessicas join

Star AdultBabyNursery join
for any ABs, diaper lovers, admirers
This is a group for any adult babies, diaper lovers, little girls, sissy babies, or people who want to meet them

Star Tinysplace join
Me n my bds

Star Justusgirls join
All my hot friends in here and me

Star Friendzonly join
If you aint on me bud list you aint getting in

Star adultbabyfriendfin join
a place for adult baby's to meet
fun for adult babys. Meet other like minded people and possibly make new friends. Please keep it clean unless its in your diaper

Star AgeplayeAwareness join
An informational group on the Ageplay lifestyle
A place to get the information needed/wanted on what Ageplay is and isn't..from someone living within the lifestyle

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