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* cryptic

* cryptic 35 M

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Star Cryptic join
My pictures and will have some of my writing

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Star videos join
**Youtube for phones** FREE VIDEOS for your mobile with members videos to watch ,movie wallpapers, movie reviews & so much more. come join the fun just click the join button and start uploading today. (coming soon full length cinema videos) 1500+ members
**Youtube for phones** added to weekley & members videos are welcome & wanted so get filming. upload any type of video you like from the s*xy to the sublime ,sport , funny, & the down right strange. so come join today (3gp, mp4, mpeg, mpg, wmv, avi file types) NO PLEASE!

Star Astig-lovers join
iF tHiS iS LoVe BaBe
LOVE cAn i FeEl iT? CaN i TaKe HoLd oF iT? nEvEr KnOw LoVe WaS LiKe tHiS. . Took SoMtImEs b4 I hAd it, bUt iT wAs sO i LoOsE It...tHe PaIn, D hUngEr nOw mAkEs mE WeAk. i Wld dIe w/o It. . . OnLy LoVe CaN cUrE Me...My SoUl u CaN TaKe iT JuSt gvE BcK WhAt i NeEd.. Oh whAt MuSt I GiVe 2 HaVe iT AgaIn. . 2 EnD My SufFeRiNg, 2 EnD d PAIN... ( AIR & GELYN )

Star Weh8FAKES join
name n shame fakes here in prod1g1ts
Goto topics and leave ur mark with users that are fakes. Just an information topic for people mainly for females.

Star Myjourney join
All 'bout friendship,places,cultures,and any interesting matters..like love and romance.
Let's travel thru sharing of pics and stories..diffrent ppl frm diffrent places...diffrent cultures and diffrent traditions...but hearts are of one direction...to love and be loved n return.

Star HeAvYMeTaL join
All U Metal Fans Join Up To My Group!
This is for all u heavy metal fans out there.. Join my group and u can find out alot new things about bands, hidded gossip, true stories, gothic vampire retuals, satanic stuf and how to cast spells and alot more.. Hehe.. So dont waist ur time just join up hehe.. I made it a PVT group coz i dont want perverts to look at my pics. So only da ppl i know can join my group and see my pics. U can click on Ask To Join if ur some1 i know and i will add u.

Star Nudists-n-naturists join
I invite al ppl who love the freedom of being widout clothes 2 join

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