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* mikenja

* mikenja

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Star UrdUMaG join
LiFE iz so borINg ....
.-***WelComE***-.2 *URDU*English*Wap-Group-Community*The Best Place*4-U-2-*Interact*&*Share***~-. Poetry*Text Games*Lyrics*G-Knowledge*Urdu*Englis**topic's*Cool Animation's & Pix's*PC&Mobile Downloads& Much More*Join Us @ www.millatfacebook.com/group/urdu-mag-pk/

Star Kawakib join
INNOVATIONS (New things) brought into ISLAM, by Ignorant/Illiterate MUSHRIKs NOT proven by QURAN/SAHIH HADEES, considered UNISLAMIC & NOT accepted by MusliMs, Exposed here in REFERENCE 2 QURAN/HADEES. Join us
To Spread the Truth about ISLAM & Make the people aware of BIDDAT & help theM know the TRUTH & NOT follow the New Innovations in Religion. Help us in DA'AWAH & do ur Duty.

Star Precious join

Star funcom join
This groups aims at providing decent enviroment for sharing jokes, comics and real life light funny happenings. Come and join.
All those who don't believe in digital love, hate love stories come and join.

Star awesome join
this group open for those who thinks that they r awesome...prove urself here..
hi friends..this group is awesome:D i shall download all my mobile stuff i hve..join it 4 fun..

Star 4idiots join
Agar sath ho sacche doston ka, to zindagi kisi Jannat se kam nahi....a place 4 true friendship...

Star Lauraa10picsetc join

Star hahacool join
hey im cool this is for cool people

Star Makingnewfriends join
Gud friends r di best
Good friend is di best agud friend is sum1 u can cal on i an look up 2 in tym of need agood friend is betta than pocket money

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