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Star UrdUMaG join
LiFE iz so borINg ....
.-***WelComE***-.2 *URDU*English*Wap-Group-Community*The Best Place*4-U-2-*Interact*&*Share***~-. Poetry*Text Games*Lyrics*G-Knowledge*Urdu*Englis**topic's*Cool Animation's & Pix's*PC&Mobile Downloads& Much More*Join Us @ www.millatfacebook.com/group/urdu-mag-pk/

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Star DroodGroup join
To Recite Drood Sharif On Our Belovd Prophet Mohammad S.A.W
Jo App S.A.W per 1 martba drood pak parta hy Allah us per 10 martaba Rehmat frmata hy..... Sahi Bukhari.......Jo Log is dunya sy chale jaty hn un ko faida sirf wohi hy jo hm Kuch par kr un ko aesal sawab karty han...jn logon k to relvz hoty pechy wo un k lye party nd jn ka koi nai hota ....hmara maqsad pura drood pak par kr sab ko bt specialy un logon ko aesal swab karna jn ka koi parny wala nai...shaed hmara ye amal hamary nijat ka sabab ban jaye kun k zndagi 4 dn ki hy phr hm ny b wahen jana h...

Star TAQWA join
Discussions on important issues concerning our muslim youth currently...
Assalaamualaikum 2all my respected brothers and sisters in islam!This group will focus mainly on the muslim youth,with topics such as,'the influence of internet and chatrooms'...etc...and will also include topics dealing with fiqh and poems...etc

Star conflictingislam join
Uniting the Muslim Ummah
This group is a general islamic group which main aim is 2 unite Islam. Here u can discuss and understand the different beliefs of islam and to help each other out with problems we have regarding our faith. Please feel free to add your own topics and views and take advantage of the downloads available. Shukran

Star Islam- join
Love, Sacrifice, belief, peaceful society and gental humanity, this is what islam is
You are welcome

The salafies like giving fatwas of kufr against every1 not with them. To the extreme of Not even greeting them with salaam! Saying evry1 is kafir. Badmouthing the ulama!saying imam abu hanifa rahimahullah was kafir! Nauzubillah! Well here i will expose the truth in shaa allah. I will not accept any members for fear of them being pointed at by others. This is an information group. Any comments please inbox me.

A GROUP FOR People Who Can Understands Urdu...
Ayain piyari batain seikhain aur dosron ko btayain.proud to b a muslim.

Star islamicworld join
here you'll find about islam and muslim's world related thing
islam is a way of passing our lives in which every one benefited. http://mukhtar.peperonity.com http://mukhtar.wen.ru

Star IRAN join
You hear about Iran in news everyday. But is that the whole truth?
Iran (formerly called Persia) is located in Middle East. Iran's neighbouring countries are : Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey.[br] Iranians speak Persian(Farsi)[br] Iran was ruled by Shah(King) until a revolution took place in 1979. It was meant to be a step forward but cunning Mullahs (Islamic Leaders) turned it to an Islamic movement that led to an Islamic Republic and took Iran back to Middle ages! Mullahs have killed 1000s (and are still killing), mos...

Star TaFseer join
(We wake up in the religion of Islam and with a sincere word(LAA ILAAHA ILL-ALLAH) and on the path of our Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, and in the nation of our Father Ibrahim, A steadfast Muslim, and he was not of the polythe
Laa Ilaaha III-Allah wahdahu la shareeka lahul, lahul-mulku walahul-hamd, wahuwa ala kulli shay'in qadeer.

Star IslamAndPeace join
Dont get wrong abt Islam..
Islam is the path of Peace. If ppl around the world try to knw more abt the truth then join....

Star Islam-A-way-of-life join
Basically to educate,learn, teach n help each other choose and live a life of submission to the Almighty Allah (God)
Islam simply means peace and submission!! It simple teaches the oneness of God and His independancy!! This group is aimed at teaching learning and propergating islam! Where veiws nd questions r shared join n make it big in d world n hearafter!

Star OLAMA join
discusscatiom & question
how much words we can't express.how mucg questions have no answer.Heres a forum get u everything about islam.Pls join.

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