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We are living in the Endtimes. EVERYONE welcome. Christians and non-christians. We have a variety of topics including Group chat, Word games and a Bible Quiz!. Files to download!!Pics, music, videos and more. Links to variety of sites. Daily Updates!
For questions and answers, everthing one needs to know about the last days, the rapture, the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ and Armageddon.

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**Youtube for phones** FREE VIDEOS for your mobile with members videos to watch ,movie wallpapers, movie reviews & so much more. come join the fun just click the join button and start uploading today. (coming soon full length cinema videos) 1500+ members
**Youtube for phones** added to weekley & members videos are welcome & wanted so get filming. upload any type of video you like from the s*xy to the sublime ,sport , funny, & the down right strange. so come join today (3gp, mp4, mpeg, mpg, wmv, avi file types) NO PLEASE!

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_Accurate knowledge leads to everlasting life. (1Ti 2:3,4;John 17:3) I'm inviting you to join our bible-study. Here, you will find the answers to life's big questions: WHO REALLY IS GOD? HOW CAN YOU FIND THE TRUE RELIGION? WHAT IS GOD'S KINGDOM? And more!
Please accept also my invitation to visit us at our local Kingdom Hall. See how our meetings are conducted. See how we endeavor to share with others the good news of a paradise earth under Christ's Kingdom. God has promised it. 'There are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell.'(2 Pe 3:13) Many centuries have passed. The waiting period approaches its end. World conditions signify this. So what should we do before the end ...

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Our things!

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what does the bible really teach?
what is the truth about god? the bible, the reliable book from God, and who is Jesus and Jehovah, how can you determine the true religion?and what is the purpose of life? are we living in the last days as indicated in the bible? those are some topics discussed here.. pls join us!

based on Biblical facts and Truths. Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden,and I will give you rest.Matthew 11:28. for all have sined and fallen short of the glory of God.Romans 3:23.ACAPPELLA MUSIC DOWNLOADS BY VOCAL UNION ARE HERE.
based on proven FACTS.you can ask where you do not understand and clarify where you do.song downloads are also available ie vocal union and many more acappella songs

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So many ppl, and churches have so many different interpretations of the Bible, well in this group we arent going to use our intepretations, we are going to let God intepret it Himself. I challenge u all to set ur teachings aside and open ur Bible and read
The Bible is a big ole puzzle, instead of pictures, God used words. The Book has many doctrines and with that said, we are going to place each one in its rightful catogory and compare spiritual things with spiritual, while doing so we will learn how to rightly divide the word of truth. We will pick up our Bibles and believe it. I challenge u all to set ur intepretation aside, open your mind to that that is spiritual and ask God to help you understand His word. Time is short, the more u know conc...

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why do we die? why does God allow bad things to happen? (see Long Description)
do we die? why does God allow bad things to happen? hopefully i can answer these questions and many others concerning God and the Bible

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wot is God's Kingdom? (see long description)
wot does the Bible teach about God's Kingdom..? and wot did Jesus teach about God's Kingdom..? why is Gods kingdom not taught at churches..? please have your Bible with you so you can follow along

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does God really send ppl to eternal torment?
does God really send ppl to eternal torment?

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is Jesus the arch angel michael
this is just a quick simple look

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I wonder
Me photos derrrrrrr hehe

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