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* capnkirk

* capnkirk

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Star Take5 join
Photos of people and nature
Take 5 is a blog or a chatroom to talk about thier photos. Anyone interested? enter and enjoy!

Star SAMANTHAfox join
An actress andnd a singer
Samantha fox is a singer and an actress. Samantha writes songs her music.Shes my favorite. I workout with her music alot. So relaxing....

Star Selectingtattoos join
Tattoos is good to have.
Do you have tattoos? I have several. They dont hurt when you get them. I read books when getting tattood.

Star Differentkinds join
Different types of dogs are good guard dogs.
I have 1 dog a pitbull and the other are small anklebiters those 2 of those others arent mine.2 yorkies and yorkie/ and terrier. They are good dogs they get along well together.

Star BELIEVE join
Believe in yourself
Believe in something. Also, Believe in yourself.... You can overcome any obsticles in life. Overcome Your fears. You are not a monster. Believe it cam and will happen. Never Give up, & Never Surrender. Believe, Believe, Believe.

Star Favoritegroups join
A bout bands and singers
This is a group about favorite bands and singers. I like Samantha Fox, Warrant, AC/DC, SLIPKNOT, J.B.& THE SHOVLEHEADS, METALICA, WHITE ZOMBIE, BLONDIE, AND Some jazz and country music.

* Groups Joined:

Star FaLLeN-RoSeS join
Attention KINGS n QUEENS.. (,''('',) This Lonely Beautiful Garden of FALLEN ROSES welcumz U by Sprinkling Cute Rose PeTalz on U- Join this Magical World of 4900+Friendz/ 9400+FREE Files/ 1700+topicz n so on! GROUP UPDATED regularly. Enjoy wid Frndz here:)
~*Group Updated Every Hour*~ ....Unlimited Files are available for Downloading.... ~All types of Topicz are discussed here.....~.*~JOIN NOW n ROCK d GROUP~*. Cheerzzzzz....

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