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* ragib102

* ragib102 22 M

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Star Allahisgreat join
Asalamu alaikum(varah..).. hai frnz you can share ur islamic hadeeth, quran preachings, and all islam related matters in this group.. it is very useful to u..
In day of judgement (mahshar) the 1st question is ask about prayer.. said by propht mohammed(sal)..so pray 5 times a day in a correct time frnz...

Star MY-AGE join
Join 4 photos,mp3 etc.
Mjfs we meet here

Star only-you join
for you only

Star friendstar3 join
it is must a friends fun box
just for u

Star SportsMan join
it is must sports groups.join and share frnds.
it is a sports groups.so join and share with frnds.

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