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* riyasshareef

* riyasshareef

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Ssssshhhhhhh..... STRICTLY those who dont like Love, Romance, Fun, Love-making, (+18) - NEED NOT Join this group.......... DECENT LOVE GROUP FOR DISCUSSING ABT ROMANCE n LOVE-MAKING...... JUST JOIN TO KNOW MORE HEAVENLY THINGS ABT TRUE LOVE :)
c*m on Friendss.. Its a group you can share ur Feelingz of Love, Tears, Poems, Quotes etc etc in a vry Decent way!!! **GROUP IS UPDATED DAILY**..... MmMmMwAhh....

Star xxx join
Love affairs

Star myheart4u join
i love romance.
Dnt love me just flirt.

Star Bbwfans join
big,fat,beautiful women
Its for bbw women looking for a serious relationship

Star Hangabia join
First,,,,,LOOK, Then,,,,,,,LIKE, Last,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LOVE and ROMANCE
I'm not rich but I've a rich heart?I'm not smart but I've asmart mind?I'm dont look nice but I've a nice brother? I'm always not right but I'm not wrong?

Star Truelover join
No sex chat.Nice chat if you wana came here you will find true frind
I want to help them who want a relationship without any coast. I will solve your problem even it were of educatin or any topic.

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