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* abdulghaffaar

* abdulghaffaar

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Star AllahuAkbar join
Glory to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala
Islam is best gift 4 all mankind!! Join us& unite our ummah!!

Star MuslimCommunity join
Allah hs promsd sch f u who believe n do gud deeds dat He ll surely mak dm 2 succeed (d presnt rulers) in d earth He caused those b4 dm 2 succeed(othz); n He ll surely establish fr dm dr relign whch He hs aproved fr dm,n ll gve in exch safty n dr fear.
In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.Assalamu Alikum Warahmatullah Dear brothers n sistrs in Islam .. Welcome to The MuslimCommunity (MC) group, Feel free to add topics, the only condition is that they should be related to 'Muslims' somehow. The main topics of our group which are constantly updated are: Holy Quran, Daily Hadith, Muslim News, General Chat box etc, In the topic 'links to the topics' the links of all important topics are given. FILE section of our community is really i...

Star Seerat-ul-nabi join
May peace be on you!
It is the work , that i wanted to do .

Star ISLAMistheway join
Everyone is welcome to this group frm any cast ,any religion.
ALLAH IS GREAT , And He is the only creator of all creatures in heaven and on earth. and therefore islam is unique .

Star Jazakallah join
thanks for coming
come for world peace

Star AlQuran join
Translation english
May Allah guide us .


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