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We are living in the Endtimes. EVERYONE welcome. Christians and non-christians. We have a variety of topics including Group chat, Word games and a Bible Quiz!. Files to download!!Pics, music, videos and more. Links to variety of sites. Daily Updates!
For questions and answers, everthing one needs to know about the last days, the rapture, the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ and Armageddon.

Star QuEsTiOnSnAnSwErs join
If u have any bible question at all feel free to ask. Have fun, share scripture, give ur Testimony, or just have a good time fellowshipping. No cursing, posting of phone numbers, or s*x talk. GBU ALL WHO JOIN~

Star Mp3MIXTAPE join
How About This?All In One Mp3 Music,videos Your Fav Country Fun And Comedy +over 100....+ Mobile Themes And Luxurios Mobile Apps.You Will Be Out For A vocation To Be Familiar With The World Strange But True Facts,top Secrets And More OF Cr*b Lol
Welcome And Enjoy Daily Basis Channel

Star CHRISLAM join
Christianity & Islam are they the same? Join me as we discover the Oneness of the True Religion. Tracing them from the Adamic era. Quoting from the Holy Bible & Quran the words of the Great Prophets. & seeing whether they are the same or ... ...WELCOME...
God - Adam - Seth - ... - Lamech - Noah - Sem - ... - Thara - Abraham - Isaac - Jacob - Juda - ... - Obed - Jesse - David - Solomon - Roboam - ... - Joseph - Jesus. This are the generations of creations starting from Almighty God, the Grand Creator to Jesus Christ, the bearer of the Gospel. This is accepted by both the Jews, Christians & Muslims.

Star ISLAMintheBIBLE join
It becomes important to re-examine whichever faith that one belongs to, or such other faith to which one may be invited or which some people claim to be the only way to salvation in this world and here after.
It is very important for us to study the Quran and the Bible and then consider the content of each of them to know which of the two is worthy of been called book of God. It may be clear again to the reader too to know which of the two is the actual Religion revealed to mankind by God. It is interested to note that, virtually all Islamic major rules and regulations are there in the Bible to every one's surprise, Christians are not practicing them or practicing few out of them. By ...


Star BibleandNeccestry join
This group is made for an important words mostly the bible talks and many important things like joke that didn't say anything that is not please with the bible word, write Godspel songs, good dancing vidio etc
I discribe this group in to be a place bible are being talk about and any thing that relate to it and also for jokes,song,talent performing,dancing etc that did'n't go against the bible word and Jesus etc

Star prodigits4Jesus join
all about christian faith
its all about taking over prodigits for Jesus. we all know that evil is everywhere even in the social sites but this is where the teens and youth will get a full transformation of their lives,,get into the spirit realm by knowing their identity in Christ Jesus and claiming that which is theirs so that they settle on nothing less but that which God has set for them...here you can post anything from your feelings on christianity,bible verses and testimonies or even sermons or words of encouragemen...

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