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* sugab4by

* sugab4by

* Groups Owned:

Star Ciao0Amore join
U are shy or ur affraid to talk to girls? No problem! Here you can meet most beautiful & most charming girls!
Most beautiful and most charming girls are waiting for you! Talk to them with chances to start a new romance with the most beautiful girls in the world! 100 ROMANCE!

Star Russia join
Privet! Here u can join a Russian group n talk with Russian boys/girls and make match or if youre scientific type of person u can find out newest infos bout Russia! Welcome!
Privet! Here's a group where all citizens of Russia and its ex countries can join their own group and discute about music,films,computers,science,astrology,travelling...And share their experiences and new things! Or non-Russians can find their bf/gf if they preffer Russian! Didnt u know that Russian in the world?

Star PRINCESS join
Place where u can talk to the prettiest princess on the world!
This is the group of my fans! I want to wish welcome to all my admirers! Im princess Tatiana the most beautiful girl on the world! My pics in site prove that! U can talk to me by sending me a message in my inbox or just add me to ur buddy list! And dont forget to sign my guestbook to know u were here! Kisses from Tatiana the Russian princess!

* Groups Joined:

Star love4me join
need girlfriend
am lonely white man 29 need girl who will love me true

Star Royal join
Come RELAX CHAT with friends from around the world AND THE CARIBBEAN.
All about fun friends family. Keep in touch with old and new friends. Learn about things in life ask questions and recieve answers. Do enjoy.

Star haertbreak join
tell us about how your heart was broken
in this group you can tell us about how your lover broke your heart

Star crazyjokes join
this 4 every1 who wants 2 have a gud laugh u can find funny jokes,chat nd more try it
here u can find funniest jokes eva nd add urs thanx

Star FRUV join
Frn mor den life patner. .
Sum1 whom vd i can share my feelins. Helps in washing past. .Sum1 cari

Star Taylor join

Star picturesovme join

and my fav card game collection

Star axospics join
my pics
he he

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