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Star 100Poets join
Inner>>>... Deeper>>>... INTO THE HEART- open your mind!
Poetry is a language (call it 'n Taal, a Lingo, or whatever) spoken by the heart that belongs to an open mind and understood by the poets...*we poets*

Star RYTHMplusJESUS join
Yol knw wat i'm talkn bout. Dey don only move ur heart bt aso d body, dem bones n nerves..dot dot dot
Taking a walk n exploring d anointing of LISA MACLANDON..u knw dem...i'm talkn bout NICOLE C.MULLEN... n den touch d heart wer Da'TRUTH's words c*m frm...joinin d HILLSONG Crew, u'l wana take a tour in d R.S.A.'s leka local n meet BENJAMIN DUBE singin ''i'll neva go back anymore''...tears flowing dwn ur chicks n ur lyk WOW....HOW....

Star POTTIES join
Peaceful n Full of us. Colourful n Full of us. Dis leka n go monate.
U wudnt wana liv here if oya testega...u wont survive. Join ur hme n meet ur fellows in Mokopane...n enjoy ur hme in Potties.One-way... High-way. Dis leka om 'n Pottie te wees!!

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