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* agbas

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Star Rsa join
Hi.. This is where South African ppl and ppl from other nations are welcome to join and can get together with over 2290 members,119 free pic's to download for free and links for you to watch tv, banking, get news and E-bay!
This is where South Africans can chat, download pic's etc. And maybe in the future we'll have internet banking, yellow pages, tv channels etc.

Star Need-a-FRIEND join
Those who are looking for new good friends, come here!
Here you can find friends of different nature and of different interests. Just join us and make the world small by long friendships! YOU can find FRIENDS everywhere, but TRUE FRIENDSHIP is very RARE! Regards:- DHILLON

Star Ciao0Amore join
U are shy or ur affraid to talk to girls? No problem! Here you can meet most beautiful & most charming girls!
Most beautiful and most charming girls are waiting for you! Talk to them with chances to start a new romance with the most beautiful girls in the world! 100 ROMANCE!

Star love4me join
need girlfriend
am lonely white man 29 need girl who will love me true

Star Adult25to35 join
25 to 35 only
Members found outside the age group will be banned.

-->lovers group,place to find love <--
here u can find many loving stuff :o)

Star lOnEly-hEaRtS-cLub join
Singles Come In
Lookin for someone to love, your soulmate, your DESTINY, me too! Come in...

Star Pretoria-chat join
Everyone is welcome to chat in this chat. But mostly i would like to invite pta ppl
Its about love, action, adventure, meeting new friends, who knows, maybe even love. So join and see whats going to happen

Star ramance join
the best way 2 be romantic
this is 4 distance relationships

Star LostSouls join
not for the faint hearted! strictly goths and punks
a place where us unique people can be acknowleged and respected as a society!

ZePliNs NiTe ClUb........ ThE CluB 4 PeOpLe WiTh A mInD oF ThErE oWn.
zeplins nite club........ is situated in pretoria central next to adult world.. its the biggest and best goth and metal club in south africa.... its got 4 dance floors... stage area. 7 bars... ample toilets and sitting... it plays mainly heavy metal... however there is the retro floor.... ebm floor... goth floor.... the bartenders are great... its got a chilled and relaxed feel to it. as i walk threw those doors i feel at home and alive. NOW I ASK ALL WHO GO TO LET ME KNOW... WE R ALL ONE BIG F...

Star NigeRiAns-Rule join
D place where ol 9jirians shld b!! n non-9jirians too
Com on in 2 seek advice, brng up topics 4 discussn, mak nu buds, woteva!! NJoY

Star mpumalanga join
place 4 mp to meet more mp people

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