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* Pyrotear

* Pyrotear

* Groups Owned:

Star lyrical-homicide join
a place for all da poets,mc,freestylers,etc to c*m da lyrical battle of lyf NOW

Star connectin-sa join
dis is wre u can c*m pop a rhyme no matter wu poets,rappers,mc's,freestylers,etc,u name it we cater for it so c*m feed on da food for da soul

* Groups Joined:

Star Lyrical-Gangbang join
For emcees ,poets n rappers 2 express emselves.

Star Lyrical-murda join
Its da murda crew,reaching outa da forum,drop freestyle nd drop ur ryhmes or jst watch!

Star the-WRITERS-block join
for aspiring songwriters everywhere

Star Bleeding-Brains join
truth behind the lies/restin on jubilant cries.....

Star HeadWraps join
all people r welcum,c*m show us if u got mad skillz!

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