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* clavi

* clavi

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Star Metalfreaks join
Post grunge Rock nd alternative metal is the best
We live 4 rock its like some herb that heals our soul,broken haerts and disturbed minds,but than again everything comes 2 a end.

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Star artwork join
Come join today! logos, screensavers, digital artwork, marvel & dc comics heroes, free artwork requests made to your specifications, artist biographies past & present & so much more.
.:1 year OLD:. a place where artwork can be requested and chatted about as well as links to peoples work. digital ,mpeg, jpg ,gif ,animations ,photos ,sculpture, paintings ,drawings ,mp3s.part of the groupzzz clan

Star Cuttingedge join
Metals n0t dead
Pr0ving 2 every1 dat metal nd r0ck aint dead als0 intr0ducin u 2a wh0le 0ther w0rld

Star Satansangels join
A place where u feel lyk u belong
Wen u feel down and heartbroken join us so we can all drown in our sorrows

Star Gfreaks join
For those guitar freaks
If you are a lover of guitar and are wanting to chat to people with the same interest and to just chat to people that know alot about guitar than this is the group for you!

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